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One of the key challenges facing every company is to trim telecom budgets without compromising service or infrastructure. On average, organizations spend over 20 percent of their IT budgets on telecommunications carrier services, which makes telecom cost reduction a clear mandate for any company serious about good governance and effective performance management. For most enterprises, the telecommunication support function is not only costly—it is complex and labor-intensive. It often involves inaccurate billing coupled with inexact inventories and complex contracts, making proactive bill assurance difficult. On average, most enterprises can reduce carrier expenditures 10 to 20 percent by implementing a proactive Telecom Expense Management solution that continually seeks to ensure cost compliance and network optimization.

Insylabs approach: diagnose, transform, manage:-
Insylabs’s Telecom Expense Management Offering provides a suite of services to help enterprises manage these challenges. Insylabs’s approach has three major phases:

The diagnostic phase quickly determines potential savings opportunities. It also defines the program necessary to achieve Telecom Expense Management benefits. It focuses on areas such as billing and Inventory audit contract negotiation, inventory optimization and the procure-to-pay process model development. During this phase, the implementation plan and business case for a long-term program—
Specifically designed for the particular client—are also developed.

The transformation phase delivers immediate financial benefits to clients and establishes the foundation necessary to manage your telecom infrastructure on an ongoing basis. In this phase there are four values lever on which Insylabs focuses. These are audit services, contract services, optimization and network services, and process services.

Audit Services
Insylabs will inventory your telecommunications services, review telecommunications contracts and audit invoices for errors, overpayments and cost savings opportunities.

Contract Services
Your organization can leverage Insylabs’s proven negotiation methodology and industry knowledge to re-negotiate contracts for lower rates, increased service levels and favorable terms.

Optimization and Network Services
Insylabs is able to conduct growth/ utilization analyses and implement capacity adjustments to scale corporate network infrastructure up and down as appropriate. Insylabs also has the skills to review, redesign and implement network infrastructure technology products and services for increased availability, improved capabilities and/or lower costs.

Process Services
Insylabs will review, redesign and implement procurement, operations, order to improve effectiveness and drive out costs for your organization through our process services solution.

The ongoing management phase is used to track benefit realization and focus on adherence to the Telecom Expense Management strategy outlined during the Diagnostic and Transformation phases.
The ongoing management of telecom expenses could leverage an in-sourced application service provider (ASP) or business process outsourcing model.

Unparalleled Resources and Delivery Capabilities
Insylabs has best experience and expertise in telecommunications expense management. We maintain a specialized practice dedicated to this area, with the technical knowledge and business understanding that support an effective, customized solution for the client. We use proven methodologies, tools and frameworks to provide structure while tailoring a custom solution to meet the specific needs of each client. We provide a unique mix of comprehensive skills coupled with powerful and well-proven delivery methods that ensure on-time and on-budget solutions. Additionally, we have strong alliances and partnerships with the best players in the telecommunications marketplace.

Our analysis covers Data, Wireless, Local and Long Distance. We cover all services including Point to Point, Data Circuits, T1, DS01, DS03, Cell Phones, Pagers, Satellite Devices, Data Cards, POT Lines, PRI, ISDN, BRI, Centrex, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), Conferencing, Switched Long Distance, Dedicated Long Distance (LD) and Voice T1’s.

Insylabs at Work
When a market-leading consumer goods company wanted to achieve significant margin enhancement (savings), detailed visibility to spend, and cost tracking, they approached Insylabs. The client had been faced with a lack of visibility of telecommunications spend on local, long distance and data services. Additionally, the client had disparate telecom expense management processes for new store openings as opposed to remodeling processes on existing stores. Full-time staff had also been managing dispute resolution and some payment processes on a reactionary basis. The solution provided by Insylabs will reduce telecom spending for this client by approximately four percent. It will create a “profit pool” effect—the ability to affect the client's overall margin as savings targets are exceeded, and can potentially reduce costs further as centralization takes place in the future. It will also make telecom spending far more visible.